Life Insurance at ISU

Life insurance isn’t something that people like to think about.  But until your loved ones are adequately protected, it’s something you can’t afford not to think about.  Consider the following expenses which often accompany a mortality.  Then take action and put these concerns to rest:

  • Final medical costs
  • Outstanding mortgage or debt
  • Child care, in case of the loss of a parent
  • Lost income, in case of the loss of a wage-earner
  • Keeping a business intact upon the loss of an owner
  • Keeping a business afloat upon the loss of a key employee
  • Fortifying an estate against estate taxes
  • Leaving a legacy or charitable donation

Where to start is a question that overwhelms some shoppers before they get underway.  The answer is, “Start with an agency.”  Like “life insurance,” “agent” is a word that scares some people away.  First know this: a life insurance agent will not cost you a thing.  An agent learns your needs and goes from company to company to find you the best price.  Like agents in other industries, life insurance agents take their pay exclusively on commission from the seller (from the life insurance company).

Why use an agency?  There are over 2,000 life insurers doing business in this country, each with a diversity of products called “life insurance.”  Which life insurance product is right for your needs?  Which life insurance company can sell you that product cheapest?  Which life insurance companies are most helpful and reliable?  How much life insurance does your family or business need to carry on?  These questions can chase a would-be buyer away from the whole imbroglio of insurance shopping, or they can lead a shopper to a licensed, competent, ethical life insurance agent, someone inside the industry who will go to bat for the buyer.

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